How to play Today's Best Christian Music with Alexa

How to Play Today's Best Christian Music With Alexa: 

Listen to Christian music on Amazon Echo Dot, just say [Alexa, play DOC Radio]. Alternatively, this page will show you how to create an Alexa routine using your own grammar.

You can listen to DOC Radio on your Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, Echo Show or Sonos smart speaker by simply saying "Alexa, play DOC Radio" or schedule your wake-up music with "Alexa, wake me up at 8 AM with DOC Radio".  You may need to spell out D.O.C.  In some cases you may need to say "Alexa, play D oh C Radio on TuneIn".
If those phrases don't work for you, try configuring your own start phrase.  Using the Alexa app, click More and select Routines.  Add a routine with a launch phrase such as "play the dock".   Select Music and then TuneIn service, giving it the action "DOC Radio Christian Hits".   Now Alexa will play Today's Best Christian Music anytime you say "play the dock".

Remember also that you can set a sleep timer by saying "Alexa, set a sleep timer for x minutes".

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