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Share Your Christian Art and Christian Tattoo Photos

At DOC Radio, we believe art that brings glory to God should be shared with the world!  Let us help you show off your Christian-themed original artwork and tattoos, and inspire others.  We accept work from both Christians and non-Christians, so long as the submission has a Christian theme or demonstrates Christian morals. The artwork does not have to be overtly Christian.

How to submit your artwork and tattoo photos

By submitting photos you agree to the submission guidelines below:
  1. You must be the creator or owner of the Christian-inspired artwork/tattoo.
  2. You are voluntarily sharing your info and photos with DOC Radio for publishing on this website.
  3. Not all submissions will be featured. If we do accept your submission, we will decide when and where it is published.

Email your submission to:
Include your first name & city, as well as any title or link that you'd like to have associated with your photo.  We will not share your email.

What's a Christian-theme?

Good versus evil; doing the right thing even when it's hard; redemption; hope; awe of God and His creation; brotherly love; an illustration of a Bible story; a Scripture verse; a creative look at Biblical people; something that promotes the good news of Jesus; a righteous heart shining against the backdrop of a fallen world, and similar Christian faith depictions.

Listener-submitted artwork and tattoos

Tap photos for more info.

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