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DOC Teach
Join us for daily Bible insight from our sister station.
Need Him
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done - God loves you.  We are here to chat live with you 24x7.
Creation Moments
Creation Moments exists to glorify God by presenting scientific evidence for the literal truth of the Bible.  View the transcripts of the many segments you'll hear every day on DOC Radio.
Does God Really Answer Prayers?
View the transcript to our most requested "Two Minute Timeout With Mike".
60 Seconds With Gabe
Even in our fast-paced world we need to make time for the life-changing wisdom of God's Word.  Let "60 Seconds With Gabe" help you with that in...well...60 seconds.  Hear these segments exclusively on DOC Radio or on-demand from our Apple, Google, or Amazon podcast sites.
A Modern Day Faith Parable
Does God exist? A Conversation In The Womb is our favorite parable on this topic.
Billy Graham Minute
Biblical truths delivered in one minute. Be challenged, encouraged, or both.
God in 60 Seconds
A safe space for reflection and intelligent conversation about God and spirituality.  Explore the important questions about life that get squeezed out by the day-to-day rush, via thought-provoking and insightful audio, articles, and videos.
DOC Radio Stickers NEW!
Help promote contemporary Christian music by sharing our new stickers.
Volunteer Opportunities
Find faith-based volunteer opportunities near you from
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