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DOC Radio - Christian Hits NEW!
Our completely ad-free app features accurate album art, sleep timer and audio enhancer.  For most Android devices.

For Apple/iOS & Android:
Live365 | TuneIn | Radio FM |
Simple Radio | OnlineRadioBox

Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV:

Listening on a smart speaker

listen with a smartspeaker

Listen on your Amazon Echo, Sonos, Bose, or Google Nest smart speaker by simply saying:

"Alexa, play DOC Radio"
 You may need to spell out D oh C.

In some cases you may need to say:
"Alexa, play  D  Oh  C  Radio on TuneIn"
"hey Google, play DOC Radio Christian Hits on TuneIn"

Remember also that you can set a sleep timer by saying "set a sleep timer for x minutes".

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