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House Of Heroes Biography

House of Heroes - Tim Skipper (vocals, guitar), A.J. Babcock (bass, vocals), Colin Rigsby (drums, vocals), and Jared Rigsby (guitar, vocals) - creates a unique breed of music verging on the safe line of pop-punk rock while blending the danger of indie-style rock.

House of Heroes doesn't just sing songs, they tell stories. Songs like "In the Valley of the Dying Sun" (telling a version of the story of Jacob in the Bible) and "Code Name: Raven" (the story of a spy in the time of World War II) draw listeners in by setting stories of love, sacrifice, and war to a non-specific song set-up and engaging music. Other songs, like "Friday Night", "Faces", or "The Drugs the Drugs" show the emptiness of man's meaningless desires. Distinguished lyrics and music that backs it up, pushing it forward, give listeners a unique experience. A band not scared of being different, House of Heroes certainly distinguishes themselves from the bunch.

Releases include: "What You Want Is Now", with tracks like "Julia", "The Lead Role In The Cage", and strings-backed "Uncomfortable" make the album House of Heroes's most rock-lead album. Self- titled "House of Heroes" and "Say No More" ( a re-release of the first with extra songs) posess the most edgy, indie-rock sound, lead by songs "Buckets For Bullet Wounds", "Serial Sleepers", "You Are the Judas of the Cheerleading Squad", and 9 minute closer "Angels In Top Hats." 2010 release "The End Is Not the End" gets its name from the lyrics in the acoustic driven song "By Your Side" of the album. Tracks like "In the Valley of the Dying Sun", "Leave You Now", and epic-like "Field of Daggers" make an argument to "The End..." being the band's most creative album yet. Their most recent release, "Suburba," continues the creative trend with the rock sound of "Independance Day for a Petty Thief" to the beautiful worship anthem "Salt in the Sea." Other releases include the holiday song "Silent Night", DC Talk cover "Day By Day", and the band's most different output, "The Acoustic End EP", which includes the acoustic version of the song "If'" (from "the End Is Not the End"),"New Moon", and "Ghost." A well-worked "Serial Sleepers (Acoustic)" is available for free on The band has also released "Meets the Beatles EP" which includes three Beatles cover: "Can't Buy Me Love", "It Won't Be Long", and "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da."
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