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The Spark Biography

There are at least three artists with the name The Spark

1. A Hardcore Punk Band (2003-2006)
2. A Christian Worship Band (2008-Present)
3. A Finnish Progressive Metal Band (2008-2013, 2013-> Nonsequent)

1. The Spark are a four piece (Mike, Kristin, Mike and Darick) hardcore punk band specialising in one minute songs.
In the three years the band were together (2003-2006) they managed to release two singles ('less slow, more go' and 'fashion rats and status whores') and split 7"s with Bail Out! and Deathcycle.

In April 2006 the band announced that they would be splitting up, but would be going on tour in the summer and releasing their debut LP before they did part ways.

2. Prior to establishing themselves as a band in 2008, The Spark was simply a small group of musicians filling a need for worship music within their local church in Kenosha, WI. As a by-product of the Living Light School of Worship Internship Program (, they soon realized that their impact was as dynamic as their sound. Their debut full-length live album entitled "Your Love Is Strong," (released in August 2010) is a vital melding of new and old, fresh and familiar.

The Spark tears the ribbon off the neatly packaged box that most contemporary Christian sound fits into. They explore the depth of worship that is only possible when the Word of God is sought honestly and humbly, something that front man Chris Marvin feels is the band's foundation. "I think there's great danger in writing songs for other people to sing while failing to stay true to their message on a personal level," he says. "I want to make sure that we actually hold our own relationship with the Lord higher than a stage where we tell other people to be close to God."

Since the release of their EP in 2008, The Spark watches their following grow with each door that opens for them, from large conventions to smaller, more intimate events. In addition to ongoing involvement in their local church and community, they also seek to introduce the love of God through their music on whatever platform they are invited to. "Worship doesn't equal music. Songs are merely a tool for Her (the Church) to open Herself to Jesus; real communication in the moment." Chris emphasizes.

The Spark aims to not only reconstruct the mold of worship music as defined by an industry standard, they also seek to reintroduce their listeners to worship's very definition. With influences ranging from Hillsong to U2, The Spark blends sophisticated instrumentation with spiritual surrender--ultimately allowing the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the final outcome. They justly stand in the genre of modern worship--renovating songs like "Nothing But the Blood" and Jennie Riddle's "Revelation Song" in a way that transcends sanctuary walls.

"We're really praying that this album reaches people that we can't reach through physical means," says Chris. "We do believe God has given us these songs and we're just along for the ride--it's all Kingdom-based."
It is their desire to write and play songs that glorify God, declare truth, and are relevant to today's youth culture. It is their prayer that, through their music, the Holy Spirit will ignite a genuine passion for God in the hearts of this generation. A fire, after all, begins with a spark.

3. The SparK (with capital K), later known as Nonsequent is a Finnish progressive metal/rock band that was formed in 2008. Nowadays The SparK consist five musicians fom Southern Finland.

The SparK have released one self-labeled, full-length album (My Funeral, 2010) and one EP (Inevitable Chain Of Incidents, 2012). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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