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Mr. Weaverface Biography

Brendon Weaver, known musically as Mr. Weaverface, creates Christian alternative rock centered on themes of spiritual warfare and faith. Raised in a Christian household, he accepted Jesus as Lord as a child and attended Sunday School and church regularly. However, he faced personal struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, and bipolar disorder throughout his youth. A significant turning point came on Christmas Day 2018, when a severe panic attack led to a spiritual awakening. Through dreams and visions, Mr. Weaverface attributed his challenges to spiritual battles and found freedom by calling on the name of Jesus.

Mr. Weaverface's musical journey began at a young age with piano lessons at five years old. In college, he transitioned to guitar and songwriting. Heavily influenced by 90s alternative rock bands, Mr. Weaverface fronted two regional 3-piece alternative rock bands, Human Alloy and Mercy Nation, during his late twenties. He soon felt called to serve in his church's music ministry, performing as a singer and guitarist with the worship team for over twelve years.

Mr. Weaverface has recorded ten songs and performed at events like SoulFest 2022. His song 'These Lungs' is one that holds special significance, as it was written after he suffered from Covid pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, a collapsed lung, and a softball-sized lung cyst in early 2022. The song serves as a personal anthem of praise to God for His healing and guidance through such a challenging ordeal. He looks forward to spreading the Good News and the message of freedom with Christ through his music and personal experiences.

Beyond music, Mr. Weaverface maintains a private optometry practice in Bernville, Pennsylvania. He is married to Laura and has two daughters, Kaylee and Chloe. His hobbies include video games, creating YouTube content, hiking, and studying the Bible.

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